Why Join Our Team?
Here Are Five Reasons To Consider

By working with us, you can develop your unique skillset to advance the goals of the team as well as grow personally and professionally.

You’ll be inspired to pursue out-of-the-box thinking and work with others to achieve big, wildly important goals. You’ll also be able to sharpen your skills constructively through feedback and celebrate individual and collective wins. This is where what you’re passionate about and what you do best combine into the dream job you’ve been looking for.

You’ll have quality time for relationships and leisure due to a shortened work week as well as vacation and holiday time.

We offer a benefit package and competitive compensation for your unique skill set. Because of our high-performance team environment, we also offer performance based incentives that allow our best people to earn above-average compensation.

In this company, your team members are cool people that you like, respect, and would want to hang out with in real life.

You won’t be micro-managed — rather, you’ll be guided by clear directives and competent, engaging managers who seek your best interests as well as those of the team. In fact, if you require micro-management, you won’t be a fit for our team. You’ll be communicating regularly with your team leader to advance your skills and continue your advancement in our company.

It doesn’t matter what position you start in or what your current skill set is – if you are driven to serve and have an attitude of excellence and accountability to results, you will find your advancement opportunity endless. The Princess Dental Centre Group offers limitless advancement opportunity for the best people.

Our culture is intentionally designed to take our growth oriented individuals and advance them as far as they want to grow. Weekly and monthly training provide ample opportunity to grow your personal and professional skillset.

If you are positive, confident, and willing to serve others, you’re our kind of people. We handle the hiring process with care.

We only recruit individuals who are deeply talented, extremely competent, and possess impeccable character. Our team is focused, disciplined, and strategic in delivering services and programs that serve our mission. As a member of our team, you will be highly valued, respected, and able to focus on important, clearly thought-out objectives.

Current Openings

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Please Note: The Position of Sterilization Technician has been filled.

Full Time Associate Dentist
Full Time Registered Dental Assistant
Part-Time Registered Dental Hygienist
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What We Do

We are a family dental practice that offers all services in one location. We focus on a culture of excellence and our brand promises:

In a highly collaborative environment, we seek to encourage and strengthen each other while continually delivering greater and greater value to our customers. The Princess Dental Centre Team prioritizes outstanding experiences for our customers, meaning we practice what we preach as we strive to not only win at work, but enable our employees to succeed in their lives as a whole.

Our team members love what they do — and have a blast doing it. The work is deeply rewarding and plays to each person’s unique strengths and talents.

Our Story

Here at Princess Dental Centre we want to create a dental experience for every patient above and beyond what they would come to expect. Our smiling faces and friendly nature makes even the most anxious patient feel at ease. We strive to be exceptional in the quality and service we provide. But most of all, our kindness can be felt from the moment you walk in the front door. We have a workplace where people feel comfortable, safe, and have fun while working as a team. There’s always work to be done, but it is much easier knowing you have an amazing team to support you.

Our Core Values