What You Should Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

What are our wisdom teeth for? Are your wisdom teeth only causing you discomfort? Let's talk more about that in this post. What are wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are also known as the final set of molars because they grow in last. They usually break through in the late teens to the early twenties, the [...]

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How to Overcome Your Dental Fear

Do you feel nervous before dental visits? Does the thought of being in the dental office cause you uneasiness? Feeling a little nervous about your dental appointment is common.  As you may already know we provide sedation for those who would like it but there are other things to keep in mind to ease your [...]

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Our Christmas Contest Is Here!

As the holiday season approaches and the celebrations start, we at Princess Dental Centre thought our small community could share some of that Christmas joy with each other. Post past photos of you and yours celebrating Christmas. Each photo posted will count as an entry to win a Limited Edition Star Wars 40th Anniversary Crosley [...]

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What you need to know about mouthwash

What You Need to Know About Using Mouthwash Mouthwash is a common addition to any dental care tool set. While it is not required, it does help a lot in maintaining good oral health. When regular brushing and flossing is coupled with a mouthwash rinse, you can help prevent plaque from developing. Gargling with [...]

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Keep Your Breath Fresh with these Tongue Cleaning Tips

An oral hygiene routine is not complete if you skip cleaning your tongue. Like the teeth and gums, our tongue is also exposed to substances that are likely targets for bacteria. When bacteria invade your tongue, this can lead to bad breath or damages to your teeth. Our tongue has curves and crevices where bacteria [...]

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Oral Health Benefits of Chewing SugarFree Gums

Did you know that chewing sugarfree gums does not only help freshen your breath? It can also contribute to better oral health. How Did Chewing Gum Start? Chewing gums have been around since the ancient times. Mayans would chew sap of chicle or sapodilla tree. Greeks, meanwhile, would reach for a sap from the mastiche [...]

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The Real Truth About Sports Drinks and Sports Guards

Mouth guards and sports drinks are something you see nearly every time you watch a professional sport. Mouth guards are used to prevent injuries to the head, jaw and mouth while sports drinks keep athletes hydrated and help replace lost electrolytes during intense physical activity. This all sounds great until you think about what the [...]

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Why Get Custom Mouth Guards?

With kids getting settled into their new school year, and winter quickly approaching, child sports programs have begun! Most of these sports programs require high energy activities and as a result, impact-related injuries are quite common. There is good news though! The use of a mouth guard can reduce injuries and trauma from high-impact accidents, [...]

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