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Does vitamin deficiency affect my oral health

Vitamin deficiency in the body can affect your oral health. Should you notice something unusual with your mouth, that could be a sign you need more of certain vitamins.

If you feel your teeth are getting weaker, this can be a sign that you need more calcium. Calcium is present in dairy products, such as yogurt and cheese. It can also be derived from salmon and sardines. Eating more leafy greens and cereals can as well help increase calcium in your body.

If you have inflamed gums, you may need more magnesium. Like calcium, magnesium also helps strengthen and build the tooth enamel. These two work together to increase resistance against acid attacks.

The more calcium your body absorbs, the more magnesium you’ll also require. You can obtain magnesium from dark leafy vegetables, bananas, avocados, fish, and nuts, among many others.

Another vitamin working with calcium to strengthen your teeth and bones is Phosphorus. It can be found in eggs, nuts, meat, dairy, and whole grains. You can also get it from seafood such as sardines, tuna, salmon, and shrimp.

Tooth loss and severe gum bleeding can also indicate vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C helps strengthen gums and accelerate healing. You can get vitamin C from spinach, citrus fruits, brussels sprouts, leafy greens, and potatoes.

Lack of vitamin B can cause sores, redness, and glossiness in your tongue. Be sure to add lean ground beef, poultry, almonds, bananas, and potatoes to your diet to increase the supply of vitamin B.

If you’re missing vitamin A, your mouth may feel dry and white patches may also appear. Vitamin A is beneficial for the mouth as it keeps mucous membranes healthy. Vitamin A can be sourced from poultry, meat, and dairy products.

Maintain a healthy diet so you can also ensure good oral health. If you experience any issues mentioned above, let your dentist know. An examination is necessary to diagnose the issue and identify the right treatment method.




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