Financial Ease

At Princess Dental, we as a staff are here to ensure that your dental experience both in the chair and out is as effortless and as stress-free as possible. We especially strive to achieve that the insurance and finance portion of your visit is the least of your worries.

Direct Billing

Here at Princess Dental, we offer direct billing to all insurance companies. The day of service we send away your claim electronically to your insurance company and the difference (if any) is collected that day. In order for us to set up Direct Billing for you a Credit Card is required on file, no exceptions. If this is not an option for you full payment is required the day of service and your insurance company will reimburse you.

Basic vs Major Coverage

Each Insurance company has their own set of fee guides. These fees may differ from the fee guides our office has set in place. Treatment is split into two separate categories under these fee guides called Basic and Major which states examples below.

Basic Treatment includes:

Major Treatment Includes:

Whether the treatment is considered Basic or Major plays a large factor into how the insurance company will cover. The percentage of major work covered is usually much lower than Basic. As a result of this significant difference in coverage, any Major work needed can be sent away for predetermination to your insurance company. They will send you a detailed description of what the exact amount is that they will cover before the date of service so you are well aware of what portion you will be responsible to pay.

All treatment whether basic or major, however, is covered up until a yearly maximum specifically set in place by your insurance company.

Non-Insured Payment Options

We understand here at Princess Dental that it can be difficult to gather the means to cover the full cost of your treatment upfront on the day of service. We offer payment via Credit Cards such as MasterCard, and Visa.

Whatever your situation, we at Princess Dental are here to ensure that you are able to get the care you need to leave with a smile on your face that you are delighted to show off.