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How to Overcome Your Dental Fear

Do you feel nervous before dental visits? Does the thought of being in the dental office cause you uneasiness?

Feeling a little nervous about your dental appointment is common.  As you may already know we provide sedation for those who would like it but there are other things to keep in mind to ease your anxieties.

Everyone in the dental team aims to help patients like you overcome their dental fear. Dental visits can be a pleasant experience for you, too.

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Avoiding the dentist is not the best way to improve your anxiety as typically this leads to more severe dental problems that require longer treatment. We understand we need to earn your trust first for you to feel comfortable working with us but putting off your visits will not help that.

Give our team a chance to help you. The most effective way to overcome dental fear is to establish a good working relationship with your dentist.

Here are a few tips as you work to overcome your dental fear:

  1. Remember that you have control of the situation. You do not need to have recommended treatment right away if you need more time to calm yourself down. Your dentist also needs to know what exactly triggers your anxiety.
  2. Take it easy on yourself. Some patients with dental anxiety come to a point where they question their self-worth. Understand that your dental team is in no way rushing you. At the end of the day, it matters more to us that you’ve had a good experience. They want you to feel confident about the quality of care they can give you.
  3. Realize that our dental team makes your comfort a priority. You share the same goal with your dentist. You can't overcome your anxiety alone nor can the dental team help you without your help. It's crucial that you work together to improve your attitude toward dental visits.
  4. Inquire about sedation options. If your anxiety is to the point you can’t see yourself being able to overcome your fears with some of the tips above, please ask us about sedation options. We provide both oral and IV sedation for all levels of anxiety. Sedation can also be a good option if you have a lot of work to be done and you would like it done in one visit.

Having the courage to talk about your dental anxiety is one sign you can get over it. The Princess Dental Team is with you on this journey.




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