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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

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Many look at a bright smile as a standard of beauty. This idea can be largely attributed to models and personalities donning a white set of teeth. Teeth whitening has, thus, become a popular procedure for people of all ages. While it’s no longer new as a form of cosmetic dentistry, you might be wondering whether it’s safe.

Teeth Whitening Types

According to Health Canada, teeth whitening procedures before were mostly performed by professionals. However, today, various teeth whitening products have become easily accessible to consumers.

Whitening systems can either be applied directly to the teeth or through trays or strips. The formulation and directions for use also vary. In general, the higher the concentration of the whitening agent, called hydrogen peroxide, the more powerful and effective the treatment is. Note, though, that teeth whitening only works on natural teeth. It won’t work on crowns, fillings, and other dental work. Teeth brightening is also not permanent. How long it lasts can be affected by a person’s lifestyle and eating habits. Aging is also another factor to consider.

Is It Safe?

As for its health risks, clinical studies show that tooth whitening poses no harm or adverse effects as long as it’s used properly. After getting your teeth whitened, you may feel sensitivity but this shouldn’t last. Advise your dentist if you’re already experiencing sensitivity even before getting your teeth whitened.

To minimize any risks when using whitening products, be sure to follow directions for use. Health Canada also does not recommend the use of any teeth whitening produce for over 14 days. If you’re looking at using whitening systems for a long period, the Canadian Dental Association says that the effects are yet to be identified and still needs further research.

To summarize, whitening your teeth is safe provided it’s administered by an oral healthcare professional and the product is used by the consumer as directed. Start by consulting your case with a dentist in your area.

Brightening your teeth may or may not be a suitable solution for your dental concerns. If it’s not, your dentist will be able to recommend alternatives that meet your aesthetic goals.

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