Children & Pediatric Dentistry

Getting Started with Oral Health – A Big Event For You and Your Child

At princess Dental Centre we are sensitive to the fact that your child’s initial experience at the dentist will set the tone for a lifetime. Our goal with children is to make every visit a positive and fun memory.

We use a variety of approaches to engage your child and promote taking charge of their role in developing good oral health habits. Routine check-ups help ensure that your child’s teeth and gums stay healthy through their formative years and into young adulthood.

A child’s visit to Princess Dental typically starts around the age of 3 unless you have any concerns prior to that. An oral exam only happens when they express readiness and the ability to cooperate. If at the first appointment we aren’t able to do an exam but they have had a positive experience the exam becomes routine at the next visit. The first visit is very simple and includes a fun ride in our chair and a toy from our prize box!

Sealants – When Young, An Opportunity to Protect Teeth For Life

Sealants can prevent or eliminate many common problems like decay before they occur. At Princess Dental we recommend sealants for most children. Sealants are a clear or white material that fills in the deep grooves on the chewing surface of molars.

Sealants are applied without freezing or drilling. When applied under proper conditions a sealant can last for many years or even a lifetime. Aside from teaching good oral health habits sealants are the single most beneficial procedure we offer children.