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Why Get Custom Mouth Guards?

With kids getting settled into their new school year, and winter quickly approaching, child sports programs have begun! Most of these sports programs require high energy activities and as a result, impact-related injuries are quite common. There is good news though! The use of a mouth guard can reduce injuries and trauma from high-impact accidents, and are designed to lessen the risk of area-related concussions.

Some drugstores carry boil and bite mouth guards which are made and shaped at home by biting into a softened wax-like material. While drugstore mouth guards are better than no protection at all, they are not an ideal solution. Some of the benefits of a custom-fitted mouth guard are:

Customized mouth guards can be made in roughly a day, and come in a variety of different colours. Different levels of protection are also available, with an additional plate embedded into the mouth guard for high impact sports (such as hockey, wrestling, etc).

Prices: Child $40.00 and Adults $60.00

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We provide the same mouth guards as the Wheat Kings.




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