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woman flossing in her bathroom

What are the Benefits of Flossing? 5 Reasons to Floss Daily

Here are a few benefits of daily flossing that prove its importance for your oral health and overall wellbeing.

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6 Travel tips for your oral health

Here are some tips to keep your oral health in good condition during travels. Traveling can make you set aside your oral health routine. You’re away from home, and your schedule can be erratic. But since your dentist is nowhere near, you’ll also want to avoid issues.

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What is Lockjaw?

Here are possible causes of lockjaw and treatment options you and your dentist in Brandon, Manitoba, May consider.

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Do missing teeth affect your face?

Here are possible scenarios if missing teeth aren’t replaced. When you first lose a tooth you might not feel the need to do anything about it. You probably still use your mouth similarly to when you had all of your teeth, and you don’t mind the missing space. But there are several reasons why you should consider replacing it.

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Is Pumpkin Good For Your Oral Health?

This season you can find pumpkin in just about everything! While not every pumpkin treat is particularly healthy, (we’re looking at you pumpkin spice lattes!), real pumpkin is a nutrient-dense squash that’s actually pretty good for your oral health.

Family with young children in Halloween costumes smiling and makin scary faces with candy and pumpkins on the table Infront of them.

9 Non-food treats to give children this Halloween

Non-food Halloween treat ideas that children love. Skip the extra sweets this time.

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Why regular teeth cleaning and checkups are important

Here are reasons why regular dental visits are important for your oral health. You hear it over again - regular dental visits are important. But why are they crucial? Do you still need them even if you brush and floss your teeth every day?

Taking care of my teeth while pregnant

Here are some oral health care tips if you’re expecting. Take good care of your oral health while pregnant According to a study, children of mothers with high levels of untreated cavities were three times more likely to develop cavities as children. Oral health is a crucial part of your prenatal care.

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Does Teeth Cleaning Hurt?

Should dental hygiene cleanings cause pain or discomfort? We talk about this and more in this post. Good dental hygiene habits include going to the dentist for regular dental cleanings. Contact our office today to book an appointment!

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4 Signs you may have gingivitis

Common signs you may have gingivitis or mild gum disease.

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How can I tell if I have TMD?

Here are some symptoms to check for temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD.

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Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Season

Keep Your Smile Holiday-Ready this season with Good Oral Hygiene Habits. Here are 6 tips to keep in mind while enjoying the holidays. The holiday season is best spent with people you love. Don’t let aching, damaged, or sensitive teeth keep you from making wonderful memories. Visiting the dentist might not be a priority this […]

women holding her large pregnant belly and smiling

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Throughout all of life's stages, maintaining good oral health is important to your overall health. Poor oral health can put anyone at higher risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, lung infections, and pre-term low birth weight babies. These diseases are correlated in fact to oral bacteria and inflammation caused by it. As with all other […]

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Smoking and Oral Health

Tobacco is highly addictive and is dangerous for your oral and general health. It increases your risk of gum disease and oral cancer, slows down healing and recovery, causes bad breath and teeth discolouration, and dulls your sense of taste and smell. Smoking and Gum Disease Smoking weakens your immune system, making it harder for […]

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Snacks That Can be bad for Children’s teeth

Foods may be harming your children's teeth without you realizing it. Take note of these snacks that may be causing harm to your child's teeth.

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Which Toothpaste is right for me?

With so many toothpastes to choose from how do you know which one is right for you and your family? Here we discuss types of toothpaste.

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Why Do I have Itchy Gums?

Gums can itch for various reasons. But is it serious? What does it tell you? Identify what’s causing your itchy gums and protect your oral health.

First Signs of Dental Problems

Knowing more about common dental issues will also help you avoid them. Here are early signs and symptoms of dental trouble, and what you can do to fix it.

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What We’re Doing To Keep You Safe.

What We're Doing to Keep You and Our Team Safe. We are excited to welcome you back! Guidelines and protocols to ensure your safety.

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Are Sports Drinks Bad for My Teeth?

Sports drinks can help keep you energized and hydrated, but are they good for the teeth? And is there a better alternative to them?

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What is a root canal exactly?

A root canal is a dental treatment that saves a decayed or infected tooth. It’s a common procedure that can last a lifetime with proper care.

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Does vitamin deficiency affect my oral health

Vitamin deficiency can affect your oral health. If you notice something unusual with your mouth, that could be a sign you are lacking vitamins.

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Eat your way to a healthier smile

The food you eat can impact the status of your oral health. To maintain a healthy smile, it’s crucial to also maintain a balanced diet.

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Food and Beverages That Can Damage Your Smile

What you eat matters for your oral health. To minimize plaque buildup in your mouth and avoid problems you need to pay more attention to your food choices

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How Common Is Gum Disease?

When gum disease starts, you may notice your gum turning red and sensitive when you brush. It can also bleed when you eat hard food.

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How can I tell if i’m brushing properly?

Frequent brushing doesn't always mean giving your teeth a good clean. Here are factors you can check to know if you're brushing your teeth well.

a tooth shade guide being held up to a smiling women's white teeth showing her teeth are the whitest on the scale

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

While Teeth Whitening is no longer viewed as a new form of cosmetic dentistry, you might still be wondering whether it’s safe.

Man holding side of face near teeth in discomfort

10 Common Habits that Damage Your Teeth

Are you hurting your teeth without you knowing it? We’re aware of the importance of daily brushing and flossing, but not everyone knows about common habits that may damage the teeth. While these habits may not immediately ruin our smile, they can have a long-term impact on our oral health. Here are some of them […]

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How do I introduce my child to the dentist?

Gear your little ones up for a lifetime of healthy teeth. Introduce them to one of our brandon dentists.

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Myths and Facts about Cavities

The most common myths and facts about the cause of cavities are cleared up here so your incidence of cavities and gum disease will be reduced.

pain from wisdom teeth pushing on other teeth

What You Should Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

What are our wisdom teeth for? Are your wisdom teeth only causing you discomfort? Let's talk more about that in this post. What are wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are also known as the final set of molars because they grow in last. They usually break through in the late teens to the early twenties, the […]

Women holding tooth brush in one hand and using other hand to touch side of face in discomfort.

Get Rid of the Pain: How to Ease Sensitive Teeth

Avoid the discomfort of sensitive teeth. Learn what causes tooth sensitivity and tips to prevent it.

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Eat Your Way to a Healthy Smile: Best Foods for Your Teeth

Perhaps the only thing missing in your dental care routine is a healthy diet. Check out these best foods for your teeth!

How to Choose the Right Toothpaste Type for Your Family

Not all toothpastes will give the same level of protection for every individual. Learn more about the various types available.

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How to Enjoy A Healthy Smile for Life

Keeping a healthy smile for life is possible. Get started today with these great tips from our Brandon dentists.

Loni - Dental Hygienist in Brandon

We Are Excited To Welcome Loni To The Princess Dental Family.

Loni - Dental Hygienist We would also like to welcome our new hygienist, Loni, to our family! Loni graduated from dental hygiene in 2004 from University of Manitoba. She enjoys what she does and it shows in her interactions with patients. Loni Has 3 beautiful children and enjoys spending time in the pool with them […]

Dr. Jessica Carswell

We Are Excited To Welcome Dr. Jessica Carswell To The Princess Dental Family.

Dr. Jessica Carswell has joined the Princess Dental Family!! Our patients and our staff will greatly benefit from her expertise, wonderful smile, and an awesome personality. She fits well with the Princess Dental Family. Dr. Jessica Carswell was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she completed her undergraduate studies in Sciences and graduated from […]

Brooke receptionist

We Are Excited To Welcome Brooke To The Princess Dental Family.

Brooke - Administration Another gem we have added to the Princess family is Brooke. Brooke will be helping out with many things at Princess Dental. You might see her at the front desk or buzzing around in the back, either way, her smile will light up your day. Brooke recently moved back to Brandon from […]

Heather dental hygienist

Happy 25th Anniversary at Princess Dental Centre Heather

You are.......terrifically tireless, exceptionally excellent, abundantly appreciated and.....magnificent beyond words!! So glad you're part of our Team! Happy 25th Anniversary at Princess Dental Heather!! We love you!

count your cubes

Count Your Cubes!

April is Oral Health month and Princess Dental would like to invite you to participate in the Count Your Cubes Sugary Drink Challenge with the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Brandon dentist Dr Smith

Thank you to everyone who came out to Dr Smith’s retirement party.

Thank you to everyone who came out to Dr Smith's retirement party. The turnout was amazing and a real testament to how many people Dr Smith touched throughout his career.

women thinking and concerned

How to Overcome Your Dental Fear

Do you feel nervous before dental visits? Does the thought of being in the dental office cause you uneasiness? Feeling a little nervous about your dental appointment is common. As you may already know we provide sedation for those who would like it but there are other things to keep in mind to ease your […]

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Our Christmas Contest Is Here!

As the holiday season approaches and the celebrations start, we at Princess Dental thought our small community could share some of that Christmas joy with each other. Post past photos of you and yours celebrating Christmas. Each photo posted will count as an entry to win a Limited Edition Star Wars 40th Anniversary Crosley Turn […]

man gargling with mouthwash

What you need to know about mouthwash

Mouthwash is a common addition to any dental care tool set. While it is not required, it does help a lot in maintaining good oral health. When regular brushing and flossing is coupled with a mouthwash rinse, you can help prevent plaque from developing. Gargling with mouthwash boosts saliva flow, which in turn helps keep […]

man brushing his tongue

Keep Your Breath Fresh with these Tongue Cleaning Tips

An oral hygiene routine is not complete if you skip cleaning your tongue. Like the teeth and gums, our tongue is also exposed to substances that are likely targets for bacteria. When bacteria invade your tongue, this can lead to bad breath or damages to your teeth. Our tongue has curves and crevices where bacteria […]

patients talking with receptionist while smiling

New Patient Communication Tool and Other News

In an effort to provide you the excellent service you deserve, Princess Dental is excited to announce our new patient communication system. One of the things this system allows us to do is use email and text appointment reminders that make it simple to confirm your next appointment. Here is how it will work: 7 […]

women putting gum into her mouth

Oral Health Benefits of Chewing SugarFree Gums

Did you know that chewing sugarfree gums does not only help freshen your breath? It can also contribute to better oral health. How Did Chewing Gum Start? Chewing gums have been around since the ancient times. Mayans would chew sap of chicle or sapodilla tree. Greeks, meanwhile, would reach for a sap from the mastiche […]

in shape man with towel around neck drinking water

The Real Truth About Sports Drinks and Sports Guards

Mouth guards and sports drinks are something you see nearly every time you watch a professional sport. Mouth guards are used to prevent injuries to the head, jaw and mouth while sports drinks keep athletes hydrated and help replace lost electrolytes during intense physical activity. This all sounds great until you think about what the […]

women patient conversing with dentists while in dentist chair and smiling

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

Dental fear is one of the most common fears for people. That number is as much as 75% according to the Dental Organization For Conscious Sedation. Many of these people avoid going to the dentist because of their fear. Avoiding the dentist most often leads to more dental problems and increases the anxiety due to […]

dental practice

Changes in Dentistry Over the Past 25 Years

Cavity formation can take some time. The protective outer layer of your teeth or enamel starts to break down when acidity levels in the mouth rise. Increased acidity of the mouth occurs through consumption of carbohydrates, which when left on or around the teeth, is consumed by infectious bacteria which secrete their by-products (bacterial waste). […]

older women with hand over her mouth

Cavities Are Not Caused by Food or Drink, They Are Caused by Bacteria

Cavity formation can take some time. The protective outer layer of your teeth or enamel starts to break down when acidity levels in the mouth rise. Increased acidity of the mouth occurs through consumption of carbohydrates, which when left on or around the teeth, is consumed by infectious bacteria which secrete their by-products (bacterial waste). […]

brandon dentist contest winner

Facebook Contest Winner Announced!

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family of three looking in mirror smiling while brushing teeth together

8 Simple Tips To Keep Your Mouth Healthy For Life!

8 Simple Tips To Keep Your Mouth Healthy For Life! Follow these 8 tips to keep your mouth healthy and keep your teeth with you for life! Brush 3 times a day after meals. If you are unable to brush, rinse with water to naturally cleanse the food from your mouth to help prevent cavities. […]

merry Christmas from princess dental team

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Princess Dental

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours.

clock stating "time is running out"

Your Dental Insurance May Be Running Out.

Many people overlook a little known fact. Whatever dental insurance you don't use by year-end, is gone.... back into the pockets of your insurance company! At Princess Dental we look at it this way: At the beginning of each year, your insurance company puts money into an account for you. If you don't use it […]

mouth guards of all different colors

Why Get Custom Mouth Guards?

Why Get Custom Mouth Guards? With kids getting settled into their new school year, and winter quickly approaching, child sports programs have begun! Most of these sports programs require high energy activities and as a result, impact-related injuries are quite common. There is good news though! The use of a mouth guard can reduce injuries […]

The Power of The Right Toothbrush and Correct Brushing Technique

Selecting a toothbrush may not sound like a difficult task. While it certainly isn't rocket science, it does merit a degree of thought and perhaps experimentation before landing on the one that works best for you. The most important aspects of any toothbrush you choose are how well and thoroughly it cleans and how comfortable it […]

Dr Jill Gudmandson Brandon dentist

We Have A New Dentist At Princess Dental Centre!

We would like to welcome Dr. Jill Gudmandson to our team. With such a genuine personality and wonderful with children, we are thrilled to have her working at our office. Jill has come to us from Winnipeg where she was born and raised. She has now become a small-town girl living in southern Manitoba. In […]

women holding man while both smile with nice teeth

Start With Your Smile!

The most common resolution people make is to improve health and lifestyle habits. This usually includes eating better, exercising more, or quitting smoking. While these changes can be drastic and daunting, it is important to set a plan and stick to it. Making small conscious decisions every day will help you achieve your goal! Better […]

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